Barbeque Nation at Sayaji Kolhapur is hosting its upcoming culinary extravaganza, the Global Barbeque Fest, set to take place till September 17, 2023. This gastronomic celebration will transport diners on a flavourful journey through the world’s diverse cuisines.

“The Global Barbeque Fest is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. We have carefully designed each dish to provide our patrons with a unique and unforgettable dining experience that takes them on a global culinary journey”, said Kishan Gunjal, executive chef, Sayaji Kolhapur.

The festival’s menu boasts an impressive array of international barbeque dishes, carefully curated to showcase the rich and varied flavours from around the globe. From the tantalising Yorkshire, Lamb patties spiked with Horseradish to the succulent Spanish Prawns cooked in a saffron and paprika marinade with red wine, the fest promises to be a feast for the senses.

Non-veg enthusiasts can relish dishes like the Atomic Chicken, featuring a fiery marinade with chilies and tomato paste, or the Jerk Chicken Drumstick, marinated in a Caribbean blend of dark rum, green chilies, and brown sugar. For those seeking a unique taste experience, the Outback Chicken with mustard and cider vinegar or the Mai Thai Fish with Fresh Basil, lemon grass, and green chilies marinade are sure to delight.

Vegetarians won’t be left behind, as the festival offers an equally tantalising array of options, including the Sichuan Paneer, English Mushrooms soaked in a honey & Worcestershire marinade, and Persian Veg Patties seasoned with apricots and yoghurt marinade. Do not miss out on the New Orleans Corn, a spicy creation with Tobasco and chili paste, or the Mexican Veg Shashlik with an assortment of exotic veggies in a cocoa and chili paste marinade. The Texican Baby Potato marinated with Tomato paste and chipotle chilies is also a must-try.