RAYCON contributes to the improvement of food safety

Aprocessor of cooked and frozen tuna  fillets, active on the Indonesian market for  almost 10 years, exports its
products to  other Asian countries to Europe and to the  USA. The company processes 25,000 t of  tuna every year in a factory built according  to international standards.The company is convinced that the key to  success is a balance in the chain of supplier,  producer and consumer. Therefore, their  mission is to grow step by step together  with their suppliers and to achieve the  satisfaction of their customers for whom  health and food safety have priority.  Sesotec with its RAYCON X-Ray inspection  system contributes to the improvement of  food safety. In this case the concrete detection requirements were particularly high and at the same time it  was not allowed to change the dimensions of the inspected tuna blocks. This could be met thanks  to the flexible configuration of the X-Ray inspection system in a version with 80 KV X-ray source.  The customer can now inspect his standard blocks and benefits from highest detection accuracy  – no matter whether the contaminants are metals, stones, glass or plastics whose specific density  differs from the density of  tuna.“Our requirements for  the detection of contaminations  were very high  but the constant reliability  that the RAYCON system  demonstrated in the tests  compared to competitor  systems made the decision  easy for us,“ says the  Production Manager. 

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