Winemaking collaboration bears fruit as Welch’s develops neutralised Concord grape juice

Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has collaborated with experts from Cornell University and the New York Wine & Grape Foundation to develop a proprietary technology that neutralizes the aroma and flavour of Welch’s signature Concord grape juice. The neutralized juice can be used as a base wine or blender and provides a new option for winemakers wishing to reduce costs without sacrificing quality across a wide variety of wine styles.

Welch’s develops neutralized Concord grape juice

Welch’s develops neutralized Concord grape juice

Welch’s will showcase the benefits of the technology on Booth #108 at the Eastern Winery Exposition, which takes place in Syracuse, NY from March 19-21, 2019. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample Welch’s neutralized Concord grape juice and discuss the potential of the innovation for US winemakers. Also appearing at the booth will be wine industry solutions made with Welch’s Niagara grapes.

With more than 40+ million gallons of bulk storage, Welch’s is able to offer Concord and Niagara grape juices year-round to the wine industry. The company has facilities in Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York, which gives regional winemakers the opportunity to save on both storage and freight while taking advantage of Welch’s operational efficiencies. Welch’s grape juices for wine are all made from grapes grown on family-owned farms across the USA.

Zach Longhini, Global Business Development Manager at Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, said, “Our new technology for producing neutralized Concord grape juice takes our participation in the winemaking industry to a new level. Pooling our expertise with Cornell University and the New York Wine & Grape Foundation was very rewarding and delivered significant benefits during the development process. Eastern Winery Expo will be the perfect event for demonstrating the benefits of this new technology.”

Sam Filler, Executive Director of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, commented, “We were excited to partner with Welch’s and Cornell University to develop Concord products specifically intended for wine production uses. This new Concord product will address demand from wineries in New York and beyond for a high quality and affordable blending wine. And, most importantly, it provides New York State and, more broadly, National Grape Cooperative grape growers another viable market to sell their grapes.”

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