Wagh Bakri launches ice tea in various flavours

Wagh Bakri Tea Group has launched ice tea in various flavours including: lemon; orange; peach; khus; litchi; aloe vera; and saunf.

Wagh Bakri Lemon Ice Tea

Wagh Bakri launches ice tea in various flavours

These variants are well known for their health benefits such as: lemon, peach and orange variants are rich in Vitamin C, and aloe vera has other health benefits. Litchi is very common fruit flavour, and khus and saunf are antioxidant-rich green teas known to be natural cooling agents for the body and provide relief from distress and dehydration due to the heat.

These are a rich source of hydration and instant energy for the Indian summers. They are very simple to make; all one needs to do is pour the premix and add cold water and also if needed ice cubes are added to it.

Parag Desai, executive director, Wagh Bakri Tea Group, said, “The Indian summers and modern lifestyle can be taxing for the body’s health. We have conducted extensive research over the last few years and found that the youth is increasingly choosing healthy options over carbonated and high-calorie drinks.”

He also added, “Wagh Bakri has created a healthy and refreshing alternative to meet your hydration and energy needs. It is healthy and delicious, and offers something for all age groups and taste preferences.”

This new range of ice tea is available at all leading stores, online purchase can be made via Amazon or buytea.com.

They are available in 500g packs priced at Rs 150 (which make 40 glasses of ice tea), 250g packs priced at Rs 75 (which make 20 glasses of ice tea) and 25g packs priced at Rs 10 (which make two glasses of ice tea). There is a limited-period offer too – on the purchase of 10 25g sachets of lemon-flavoured ice tea (priced at Rs 120), consumers will get a one-litre sipper.

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