Vishakhapatnam gets its own version of a chocolate fix

There is a cafe dedicated to chocolate in the city and we have to thank Radhika Satish, an entrepreneur who recently opened it and named it The Chocolate Theory. Located at the Waltair Uplands, there is no escaping the aroma of freshly baked waffles wafting that envelopes you as you enter.

Radhika’s menu lists over 70 dishes. And even the lasagne, pani puri, tacos, pizza and roshogulla she serves has a chocolaty twist. For example if you order the chocolate panipuri you will encounter semicircular chocolate balls stuffed with crumbles of brownie that you then dip into a chocolate shake. Oh yes. Radhika suggests: “When you order a Sundae at the cafe ensure that after you eat your ice cream, eat the bowl too!” We learn that the bowls are made of chocolate too.

Radhika has been experimenting with chocolate for over 15 years now. She is not afraid of experimenting with flavours and one of the oddball combos that is very popular here is the Munjalu dessert, a shake made from munjalu (Palmyra fruit) and white chocolate.

“Every type of chocolate has a distinct taste. One needs to understand that in order to team choclate with other ingredients. Every dish on the menu is the result of many experiments with chocolates. I know exactly which chocolate complements what ingredient,” she says. Dark , milk and white are the three main chocolates she works with. Radhika posts about her goodies through her instagram page @radisacafe

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