Uflex Ltd develops plastic recycling technique

Uflex Ltd, is a well-known brand. It is ranked as one of the biggest flexible packaging companies. Uflex has developed a simple, cost-effective method to convert used plastics into pellets that can be used for making products used in daily life.

Uflex Ltd develops plastic recycling technique

Uflex Ltd develops plastic recycling technique

Explaining about the new technology Uflex CMD Ashok Kumar Chaturvedi said, “It is true that plastics take a long time to degrade. But it is possible to turn this long shelf life of plastic into an advantage using the right technology.”

Uflex has put up a demonstration unit to recycle multi-layer plastic packaging waste into pellets that can be used for making useful products at the IndiaPlast 2019.

Chaturvedi also added, “We first demonstrated this technology nearly 25 years ago and won recognition for this at Davos in 1995. We have been using the technology to recycle plastic scrap generated during manufacturing at our plants. Recently, some people asked me why we don’t have a demonstration unit so that people can see it is possible, and we decided to showcase it at IndiaPlast.  With our demo unit at the IndiaPlast exhibition, we have shown that plastic is recyclable. The pellets produced from recycled plastics can be used for making buckets, mugs and dustbins; park benches; tiles and tables; and roads and road dividers.”

The plant is capable of recycling any kind of plastic waste, including printed and multi-laminated plastic films, metalised pet, polyester and BOPP.

The cost of the machine that Uflex has developed is around ?2 crore and can produce pellets at a rate of 250 kg per hour.

Giving his statement to media Chaturvedi told, “Since the process involved is ‘cooking’ plastic waste, there is no emission of noxious gases, unlike the incineration process. And since it is cooking, the process requires only moderate temperatures, and hence is not very energy-intensive.”

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