TrustYou Launches New Restaurant Feedback Solution

Feedback management expert TrustYou announces the launch of its restaurant tool, in a continuous effort to help the representatives of the food and beverage (F&B) industry succeeds based on their online reputation. The new Restaurant Analytics platform pairs advanced reporting capabilities with powerful semantic analysis to help users pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and benchmark against their competitors.

TrustYou Launches New Restaurant Feedback Solution with Targeted Features to Drive F&B Revenue

TrustYou Launches New Restaurant Feedback Solution with Targeted Features to Drive F&B Revenue

Having catered to the hospitality sector for over 10 years, TrustYou is now expanding its influence in the F&B industry. The comprehensive and multi-use tool for restaurants currently analyzes reviews from 25 online sources in one inbox in order for users to save valuable time and take full ownership of their reputation.

The powerful capabilities of Restaurant Analytics are reinforced by the semantic analysis engine developed over more than a decade. These analytical features enable a complete and insightful break-down of 64 review categories, available in six languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, and Swedish.

Restaurant Analytics helps the users to monitor and compare up to five competitors, has customizable dashboards for each user, automatic alerts for incoming reviews, as well as detailed and customizable reporting. When used with the TrustYou Operations tool, restaurant managers can automatically assign tasks to team members, improve issue resolution time across departments, and quickly set and track goals on specific KPIs.

“The restaurant business plays a vital role in our company’s portfolio and we recognize the increasing importance of feedback management in this area of hospitality. Online reviews can make or break a business and implicitly, impact its revenue. Our new restaurant platform is based on our company’s award-winning technology and was developed as an aid for restaurant managers who want to monitor, manage, and leverage online reviews, in order to make necessary improvements, outperform competitors and drive more revenue,” said Benjamin Jost, CEO at TrustYou.

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