Tripura to export state tea to Bangladesh

Biplab Kumar Deb, the Tripura Chief Minister and Union Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu have announced that the Tripura government is looking for exporting the state grown tea to its neighbouring country Bangladesh.

Tripura to export state tea to Bangladesh

Tripura to export state tea to Bangladesh

Adding on the news, Chairman of Tripura Tea Development Corporation Ltd (TTDC) Santosh Saha said that the Tripura CM has already discussed the matter with Central minister Suresh Prabhu and discussed the layout of the plans of the Tripura government. The government is also planning for a tea auction centre at Srimangal in Bangladesh as that will clear the path for tea export to the country.

Bangladesh is exporting tea from other countries than India, and then it is a good idea to commence this trade between two neighbouring countries. Bangladesh is already importing goods from India and then definitely there is a good scope for the Indian tea too. TTDC chairman also added that the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has taken up the matter with the Bangladesh government.

The new BJP-IPFT government is encouraging the tea cultivators of the state for green tea cultivation.  Tripura has been one of the proficient tea growers and in recent times. It will open a new path for the development of the tea industry in the state.

The chairman also added that despite the green tea cultivation and production being a time-consuming process, some of the tea cultivators in Tripura has started green tea cultivation and are taking steps to expand it to other tea gardens.

The challenge in marketing the product at a good price is the absence of a logo for Tripura tea. This has been a topic of discussion from quite a long time but yet no decision has been taken on this. The chairman is again planning to put forth this matter.

TTDC is also planning to open a tea corner in the capital Agartala next month as this will help in the display and sale of tea produced in the state. This will help to enhance the tea industry in Tripura.

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