The New ‘Black Pizza’ is India’s Attempt at Entering ‘The Wicked Side’ of Food

The trend of black-coloured cuisine is slowly inking its way into the foodverse and gaining popularity for its ‘wicked’ factor. A quick YouTube search will tell you how people are cooking up all kinds of new recipes which are as black as the ‘dark side’ of the moon and the Force.

And not one to kowtow in the backyard when it comes to contributing to global trends, India too has joined this niche market of charcoal coloured food with the ‘Black Pizza’.

Launched by commercial large-scale pizza chain Pizza Hut, the novel pizza is as dark as they come. The ‘secret ingredient’ behind the novel hue is cocoa powder, a welcome change from edible charcoal or food coloring which is often used to darken the colour of food. The crust, which is the show-stealer of the dish, is what gives the pizza its goth look.

“The main pull of the Black Pizza is that it is visually stunning. However, our focus was not only on the looks, since just getting the colour is easy – it can be done using artificial or natural colourants. We tested several recipes and finally decided upon Cocoa which when added to the dough, which not only gives it a beautiful black colour, but enhances the taste of the crust too,” says a Pizza Hutspokesperson.

What the black pizza essentially manages in taste, which it probably couldn’t with charcoal powder, is keeping the crust moist and airy. A bite of the pizza will make you feel the same consistency as a brownie, sans the sugar.

Designed specifically to cater to the whims of Instagram-savvy youth, the wacky look of the pizza manages to tap into the mindset of millennials, who want their food to not just taste good in their mouth but also look exquisite on social media.

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