Tesla launches ‘Truckla’ and we the world might be in for a robotic Pizza delivery, we often talk to and write about people doing big, ambitious things—changing how their local transportation systems work, inventing new technologies, or researching why the world travels the way it does.

Tesla 'Truckla'

Tesla ‘Truckla’

But we also talk to the tinkerers, the people working on cool projects on the edges. Sometimes that’s more fun. This week, we learned how a dedicated DIY-er DIY-ed a Tesla pickup truck (a “Truckla”) why a robotics company is suddenly very interested in Pizza, and how you might top a 22,000-mile trip around the world on a solar-powered plane.

Plus, we learned why Tesla is working on videogames and which country builds the most reliable cars, according to a new survey.

So this just means that our much loved favourite dish pizza will be just be getting to us quicker through the robotic pizza delivery because humans take more time.

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