Telangana action plan to promote food processing

The Telangana government Monday decided to prepare an action plan to promote food processing in the state in a big way. In the efforts to make agriculture sector a profitable business and to make farmers the ‘real kings’, the government has decided to take the help of Indian agricultural economist and a former chairman of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) Ashok Gulati.

Telangana action plan to promote food processing

Telangana action plan to promote food processing

In a release from the CM’s office stated, “In the backdrop of the discussion held in the review meeting, it is decided to prepare an action plan on food processing. The CM described it as a beginning of revolution in food processing and let us make it a success.”

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao also showed his concern over the farmers preferring same crop in particular geographies. He announced that there is need to study agriculture sector to change the traditional habits of farmers and to bring them in an organised sector.

Rao said, “The state need to be divided into crop colonies; the entire crop produced by farmer shall be sold on demand; through the food processing units proposed to be established by the state government, branded unadulterated products should come out and farmer should prefer a crop in a regulated manner.” He also added that this meeting is not about taking the decision right away but we need to understand the concerns first. Unfortunately, he said, in the absence of appropriate statistical data it is becoming difficult to take appropriate decisions.

He said, “We need data on the amount of rice produced, fruits produced, domestic food needs of people etc. Efforts are to be made to overcome this. Every village shall produce the vegetables required for that village. This culture has to be promoted. The surplus is to be supplied to the urban areas.”

According to the release the CM said that the government is planning to spend Rs 10 lakh crore.

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