Tea Board Mobile App to Monitor Leaf Quality

The Tea Board of India is planning to monitor the quality of green leaf harvested by growers using mobile based apps.

Soon, the Tea Board will launch a mobile app christened as Chai Sahayak (tea assistant). The app will be available with separate components for small tea growers and factories that buy green leaf from small and big tea growers and the board’s field officers. This soon going to launch app will be available in two languages initially, i.e. English and Assamese.

Tea Board of India to Launch Mobile App to Monitor Quality

Tea Board of India to Launch Mobile App to Monitor Quality

The official statement from Tea Board stated that the app will be a comprehensive technological tool for better coordination, monitoring, transparency and efficient delivery of services. It will also provide details about the green leaves’ origin.

He also added, “The app will also provide district-wise real-time weather forecast to tea growers to enable them to take up field activities such as the timely application of fertilizer and pesticide spray. The app will provide periodic advisory to growers.”

The idea behind this launch of mobile app is the part of the Tea Board’s initiatives to prevent the production of sub-standard tea. In a major crackdown on unfair practices prevalent in the tea industry, the board recently cancelled licenses of 18 factories in Assam which were not in operation for many years.

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