Stixfresh invented sticker to keep fruits fresh

A Malaysian company, Stixfresh, has unlocked the secret of a longer shelf life for fruits with the use of a simple sticker. The sticker developed by this company enables fruits to stay fresh by keeping the texture firm, sweet and juicy for 14 days or more.

Magic sticker to keep fruits fresh for up to two weeks

Magic sticker to keep fruits fresh for up to two weeks

Zhafri Zainudin the founder of Stixfresh invented the sticker when his fruit stall owner friend complained about fruits going bad too quickly and he is loosing money because of that. Zhafri said, “ I can’t stop nature, but I could slow it down.” He also added, “We would also like to introduce a new concept for smaller fruits with soft skins like berries and others in the near future. We would like to tackle the same problem that vegetables are faced with.”

These stickers are edible stickers and the 100% sticker is coated with sodium chloride and beeswax. These stickers inhibits mold growth and slows down the ripening process by removing ethylene from the fresh produce.

The edible sticker works best with mangoes, avocados, papayas, dragon fruits, star fruits, apples, and pears.

StixFresh has spent RM1.8 million on researching and development, Intellectual Property through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and machinery equipment for production and exhibitions in promoting the company.


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