Soylent has Launched A New Ready-To-Drink

Soylent has launched a new ready-to-drink, nootropic energy drink called Soylent Stacked, which aims to enhance focus, accuracy, and the ability to switch between tasks successfully.

Soylent Stacked features a blend of plant protein, fats, carbs, nutrients and nootropics, as well as caffeine. The 11oz drink contains 180 calories, 3g of sugar and 15g of plant protein to build and repair muscle, while the drink also contains 36 ‘essential nutrients’ to support a healthy body.

According to the company, Soylent Stacked is formulated with a “stack” of L-theanine and caffeine in a 2:1 ratio in order to provide focused, calm and sustained energy. The drink also contains l-tyrosine, an amino acid which supports focus and alpha-GPC, a compound that plays a key role in cognition and memory.

CEO Bryan Crowley said: “Our customers told us they were frustrated with the empty calories and lack of nutrition in the leading energy drinks.

“Soylent Stacked is the first energy drink formulated for both your mind and your body.”

Julie Daoust, vice-president of product development at Soylent added: “Most nootropic supplements on the market are pills or powder – they do not provide the nutrient density needed to keep you energized both physically and mentally.

“With Soylent Stacked we provide the functional benefits of nootropics combined with the complete nutrition you can expect from all Soylent products.”

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