Society Tea launches Elaichi Adrak Tea!

Society Tea from the House of Hasmukhrai & Co., has launched their latest product, Society Elaichi Adrak Tea, which is the sublime blend of taste and nutrition. The tea offers the perfect infusion of a rich colour and the strong flavours of elaichi and adrak. It keeps the consumers revitalised and active throughout the day without compromising on taste.

Society Tea launches Elaichi Adrak Tea!

Society Tea launches Elaichi Adrak Tea!

This tea is the perfect blend of elachi and adrak and both the ingredients have a number of benefits. While elaichi is known for its digestive properties and its effect in reducing flatulence, Adrak is known to relieve cold and flu and ease out stomach cramps.

Karan Shah, its director, while commenting on Society Tea’s latest offering, said, “It is our constant endeavour to create products which are beneficial for our consumers in more than one way.”

He also added, “Apart from being the perfect cuppa to cherish, our Society Elaichi Adrak Tea has several medicinal values, ranging from building immunity and enhancing digestive health to relieving cold and stomach cramps as well.”

“It is the ideal marriage of flavour and nutriment whilst incorporating all the freshness and aroma that Society Tea drinkers have come to expect from a cup of Society Tea,” Shah said.

Available at retail stores in and around Maharashtra, Society Elaichi Adrak Tea comes in 100g pouches priced at Rs 50 and 250g bottles priced at Rs 130. It is also available on their website.

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