Gandhi Automation’s Prime Food flexible and self-repairing door is similar to High Speed Doors, but with a structure made of polyethylene.

The ease of cleaning and the “Anti Crash” control system guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and safety, making these high-speed doors the ideal solution for companies operating in the food industry

If you are one of the behind-the-scenes companies that support retail food and beverage operations, you’ll appreciate the reliability and rugged performance of Gandhi Automation’s doors. There are options available for proper handling and environmental control at every stage of cold chain logistics, balancing costs with efficient operations. The innovative high-speed, high-performance operational abilities built into Gandhi Automation’s rolling doors provide the dependability you require.

Whether you have run a food service that is only open for a few hours a day or provide 24-hour service in an institutional environment, you’ll find a Gandhi Automation’s rolling shutter, overhead door, or counter shutter that gets your job done reliably and affordable.

Gandhi Automation’s Prime Food high speed doors are designed to meet the specific needs of food companies requiring a high level of hygiene.

This is a rapid self-repairing high-speed door for internal use that has a flexible curtain without rigid elements and extreme opening speed.

Prime Food self-repairing doors are extremely easy to clean to meet the high hygiene standards in the food and retail industry: the polyethylene frame is designed to be sanitized in all its parts, without remove or disassemble any profiles or covers with related problems in assembling again all screws and external elements.

In addition, the “Anti Crash” control system reduces the risk of impacts and accidents to a minimum, while the special sliding system lets the curtain come out from the guides in case of impact.

Prime food is entirely made in stainless steel material, easy to clean and resistant to oxidation. Rapid door prime food, stainless steel is equipped with powerful engines capable of opening and closing the door very quickly, and especially in great security, thanks to a security monitoring system with a photocell out of the cloth.

A full width clear vision window is included providing brilliant vision through the roll door panel. This is important when combinations of pedestrian and forklifts use the openings. The columns are clear anodized aluminum, and in some cases, can be powder coated to enhance their protection.

In food industry facilities, distinct areas need isolation without affecting the overall flow of business. Preventing contaminants from entering various areas is also of great importance.

That is why our high-speed doors specially designed for the food and farming industry are safe, functional and characterized by a beautiful design. But what is more important, they ensure rapid and safe opening and closing operations, thanks to a special photocell monitoring system, as required by current regulations.

Our roll-up doors are the ideal solution in this case, since they ensure high speed, durability and insulation and are extremely easy to clean. They are also designed to ensure high resistance to chemicals and saline solutions.


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