Rs. 70,000 compensation given to Delhi Man Who Found Insect in McDonald’s Burger 5 years ago

A very sad incident 5 years ago has finally been judged and the man who found bit into an insect 5 years ago finally gets compensated. While the world is embracing eating crickets, finding an insect in your food is still unacceptable.

On the 10th of July 10, 2014, Mr. Sandeep saxena, an East Delhi resident, visited a McDonald’s outlet in a mall in Noida and ordered a burger along with some other food products.

Rs. 70000 compensation for insect in burger

Rs. 70000 compensation for insect in burger

However, as soon as he bit into the burger, he discovered an insect inside it.

Saxena was taken ill immediately and could not stop vomiting. He went on to complain to the outlet’s manager about the incident.

According to reports published in Times of India, Saxena had called the police and district magistrate’s office, following which the burger was sent for testing and it was confirmed by the office of Food Safety and Medicine Administration as ‘unsafe.’

The district forum has now ordered the company to pay the complainant Rs 895 for the treatment, Rs 50,000 for the mental agony caused to him and Rs 20,000 as the cost of litigation.

According to reports McDonalds must pay within 60 days of receiving the order,if they fail they will have to pay 9 percent interest on the compensation ordered.

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