Rooh Afza is back on shelves

Hamdard’s iconic brand Rooh Afza drink, had gone missing from store shelves in peak summer season. Rooh Afza is used as a special drink at iftaar during the Muslim fasting month of Ramzan. The shortage had affected many, with many taking to twitter to rue its absence during Ramzan.  During Ramzan the sales of Rooh Afza grow 25 percent.

Rooh Afza is back on shelves

Rooh Afza is back on shelves

The good news is Rooh Afza is back in production and the syrup is now available in the market and can be bought from major retail stores and grocery outlets across the country.

In a statement from Hammad Ahmed, CEO at Hamdard, said, “We at Hamdard continue our long tradition of providing health and wellness to our customers. As always, we strive to maintain and grow the relationships we have fostered with them.”

Ahmed added that the production of the summer staple was on in full capacity and a “well-planned distribution infrastructure” would ensure reach across the country.

The announcement comes through amid speculation that a family feud at Hamdard was behind Rooh Afza’s disappearance, even as the company had denied this.

Mansoor Ali, chief sales and marketing officer at Hamdard, had earlier said a shortage of herbal ingredients used to make the syrup was the reason for the shortage.

A Hamdard dealer stated that they had been facing a shortage for all of the company’s products over the past few months, not just Rooh Afza, undermining the ingredient shortage theory.

Following widespread coverage of the syrup shortage, Hamdard Pakistan, which does not officially export to India, had offered to export the required quantities for the Ramzan period.

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