Recyclable Ice Cream Packaging

UK ice cream brand Northern Bloc has launched fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging, alongside the introduction of a new vegan flavour.

The new tubs are protected with an organic coating, rather than plastic, meaning they can be recycled in normal mixed recycling bins at home.

Northern Bloc co-founder and director Josh Lee explained that other paper ice cream tubs on the market are hard to recycle.

“Whilst the paper tub and the plastic coating are both recyclable in theory, separating them is very difficult and the by-product of the two ends up being too contaminated to reuse,” he said.

“Our new eco tubs have no plastic coating, with the tub protected instead by a fully natural organic compound made from sugarcane, the by-product of which is fully reusable and breaks down naturally.”

The new packaging comes as Northern Bloc launches its third vegan ice cream flavour into supermarkets, salted caramel and almond swirl.

The new variant is available in Co-op stores in the UK for £5. Other Northern Bloc vegan ice cream flavours include peanut chip, and chocolate and orange blossom.

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