RAY Health announces the launch of PureCircle Stevia powered zero-sugar Indian traditional sweets

RAY Health introduces Stevia powered Zero Sugar branded Indian traditional sweets in the country, this Holi. PureCircle, the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of Stevia sweetener has powered the development of these products.

RAY Rasgulla

RAY Health announces the launch of PureCircle Stevia powered zero-sugar Indian traditional sweets

LB has launched zero sugar Ray Soan Papdi, Rasagullas and Gulab Jamun to make Indian market devour onto these Indian traditional sweets without being guilty about the calories gained by sugar. The zero sugar – naturally sourced Stevia powered Indian sweets are the beginning of the revolution in this category.

Festivities in India are about sharing sweetness. RAY Health and PureCircle promise to keep the sweetness in your festivities but eliminate the calories which come with it using Stevia. Stevia is extracted from plant leaf and is 400 times sweeter than regular sugar yet has no effect on the blood sugar.

Speaking about this path breaking innovation in Indian Sweets, Mr. Shyamal Panchmatia, MD, RAY Health, said, ”For us Indians festivities means sharing sweetness and Indian sweets are closest to our heart and tradition. But there is always concern for the health and wellness of our loved ones. Keeping in this mind we engaged with PureCircle to develop Indian sweets which have the taste which is close to our heart but does not add on excess sugar. We hope to expand our range of Indian Sweets with Stevia in the coming months and offer more healthy options for our consumers.”

Vice President and Head of South East Asia Region at PureCircle Ltd, Mr. Navneet Singh said, “Today Indian consumer is strongly inclined to natural solutions that improve health and wellness. Based on our consumer insights, we find consumers are trying to walk away from sugar but they don’t want artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame in their diet. So the choice for a natural zero calorie sweetener is really appealing to consumers trying to balance calories with ingredients that they understand and are from nature.”

In India, both big and small companies are working towards developing products which have lesser sugar or no sugar and PureCircle is witnessing a huge amount of enquiries and product development going on in variety of products ranging from juices, carbonates, powder drinks, table tops, yogurts, milks to condiments (chutneys, ketchups etc.) and traditional sweet.

PureCircle aims to cut down 250 billion calories from Indian diet by 2020. The company has provided enough stevia to eliminate 1.3 trillion calories from global diets. From seed to leaf to sweetener, PureCircle is nurturing taste breakthroughs through every step of the stevia journey.


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