PureCircle Believes the New Ingredient

PureCircle is introducing a new stevia ingredient and has announced plans to open an office and innovation lab in Brazil.

Called Sigma Syrup, the new ingredient is a blend of PureCircle’s stevia leaf ingredients, including Reb M. According to the company, Sigma Syrup overcomes solubility challenges encountered when using other stevia sweeteners in products that are high in sweetness intensity, such as syrups and liquid tabletop sweeteners.

PureCircle believes the new ingredient “will be extremely valuable to beverage and food companies”.

Meanwhile, to enhance its customer support for food and beverage companies in Latin America, the company is opening an office and innovation lab in São Paulo, Brazil.

The office will aim to provide PureCircle customers increased speed to market and stevia formulation expertise catered to the needs of the South American market.

PureCircle currently holds 214 patents related to stevia and is currently working towards the commercialisation of stevia-based protein and fibre ingredients in 2020.

Earlier this year, the company launched a branded range of zero-added-sugar ice creams in the US.

PureCircle said the launch demonstrates its confidence in the taste of its next-generation non-GMO stevia sweeteners, which are said to have “a clean, sugar-like taste and work well across multiple consumer product categories

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