Puratos Presents Fruitfil Range of Milkshakes & Desserts This Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to treat yourself to some refreshing and healthy fruity drinks. Freshly blended milkshakes have been the most sought after drink during the summers. However, consumers now-a-days prefer to opt for more natural ingredients in their shakes that blend both – taste and nutrition. Puratos India’s newest launch, the all-natural Fruitfil range allows you to discover a wide range of delicious fruit fillings which contain up to 30% natural fruit content. With these versatile fruit fillings you can now make your creations look delightful and taste better. The Fruitfil range has No Artificial Flavour and No Added Colours, which gives it the coveted NAFNAC label.

Puratos Presents Fruitfil Range of Milkshakes & Desserts This Summer

Puratos Presents Fruitfil Range of Milkshakes & Desserts This Summer

Mango Milkshake is the best thing during this hot and sultry summer. The king of all fruit shakes is perhaps India’s favourite summer drink which is available at every nook and corner. With Fruitfil Mango, one of the four delicious flavours of the Fruitfil range, you can create super thick, creamy and healthy mango milkshakes which is packed with the natural goodness of sweet mangoes. Milkshakes work great as a drink during breakfast, snack time or as a perfect way to end a meal. It is the perfect solution for consumers looking for more natural and healthy options. What’s more? It’s incredibly easy to make with just three ingredients!

Here is a recipe that is easy to make, indulgent and brings the natural goodness of the fruit to your milkshake.

Fruitfil Mango Milkshakes

 Recipe Method

Fruitfill Mango 180gm

Milk 410 gm

Vanilla ice cream 250 gm

Ice Cubes 160 gm


  • Add Fruitfil Mango, milk, ice cubes and vanilla ice cream in a bowl
  • Blend them all together till it gets homogenous
  • Rest for half an hour in fridge, so as to allow the froth to come up
  • Fill the shake in container & store in fridge
  • And use as per orders. Serves 3 (300 ml) glasses.
  • Your delicious Fruitfil Mango Milkshake  is now ready

The Fruitfil range is available in four flavours, namely, Fruitfil Blueberry, Fruitfil Strawberry, Fruitfil Pineapple and Fruitfil Mango. It is the perfect ready-to-use solution for customers looking for natural fruit fillings for multiple applications such as cake layering, spreading on baked finished desserts, mixing with mousses, flavouring of milk shakes and many more.


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