Puratos India Launches Four New Innovative Products

Puratos India, the subsidiary of the Puratos International Group has launched four new innovative products that would revolutionize the Indian Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate industry. These include Tegral Satin Purple Velvet EF, Fruitfil Range, Carat Supercrem Nutolade, and Tegral Red Velvet Sponge Mix. Each of these four products offers high quality ingredients, authenticity and convenience. These products have been developed by the Puratos Innovation team in response to increased consumer awareness and demand for global food with a local touch.

Puratos India Launches Four New Innovative Products

Puratos India Launches Four New Innovative Products

Capitalizing on these trends, Puratos India has launched Tegral Satin Purple Velvet EF, a patisserie mix which is truly the next-level outcome of sincere innovation. Tegral Satin Purple Velvet EF has a distinct berry flavour which all adds up to give finished applications the element of ‘wow!’ not just in taste but also in its visual appeal, owing to its inviting soft purple colour. Suitable for various applications such as celebration cakes, swiss rolls, bar cakes, berry pastries, marble cakes, cold cheesecakes and muffins.

Puratos’ Tegral Satin Purple Velvet EF has been well-received in other countries like Mexico, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and China. This product is sure to create a buzz amongst customers following the launch of their last successful velvet; the Tegral Satin Red Velvet EF – which is now also available in an egg-based version as the Tegral Red Velvet Sponge Mix.

Fruitfil is a range of delicious fruit fillings which contain up to 30% natural fruit content. It has no artificial flavours and no artificial colors (NAFNAC) and is available in four exciting flavours – Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango and Pineapple. It is the perfect ready-to-use solution for customers looking for natural fruit fillings for multiple applications such as cake layering, spreading on baked finished desserts, mixing with mousses, flavouring of milk shakes and many more.

Carat Supercrem Nutolade is a premium hazelnut filling with 13% hazelnut and cocoa content, it has a rich nutty taste which is sure to delight everyone’s palate. It offers superior quality ingredients, a robust nutty taste, smooth & shiny texture and good spreadability. Applications include Topping (Waffles, Brownies and Crepes), Mixing (Mousse), Center Filling (Pralines & Rochers), Dipping (Churros) and Spreading & Layering (Swiss Rolls) to name a few.

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