Pizza Hut is leveraging technology to enhance its customers’ experience in APAC

Pizza Hut wants to create a world with more ‘yum’. As part of the Yum! Brands corporation, a Fortune 500 company based in Kentucky, the company prioritises its customers’ experience. Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region at Pizza Hut, believes that with a focus on the consumer journey, the business will see positive results.

Barnes’ role is made up of three key pillars: restaurant excellence, digital experience and restaurant technology. “Restaurant excellence focuses on what happens in store – products, delivering pizzas and food safety standards and service culture. Digital experience is about understanding how customers want to interact with the brand and delivering on that, largely through online purchasing, whether that be the website, app, social media or messaging” he explains.

“Restaurant technology looks at the underlying technologies that support the employees of our franchises. Things like point-of-sale platforms, inventory supply chain, labour management, and supply and demand modelling.” Underlining all three pillars is customer engagement, in which Pizza Hut looks to understand and assess how each aspect works collectively under the customer experience umbrella with the strategic focus of having more customers more often to Pizza Hut.

Since his position was established as the first customer role in the APAC region last year, Barnes and his team have worked to bring the consumer to the forefront of the business. “Collectively, we have brought that customer mindset to the core of our strategy – including our engagements, partnerships, workshops and franchise growth. We have reworked the business with a more focused lens around the customer itself, well supported by our other regional and global counterparts. Our job is really then to augment that focus with building capabilities,” comments Barnes.

For Pizza Hut, digital transformation is about an end-to-end experience that will offer an overall, seamless benefit to the customers – the company is building the know to better understand and create more value to the consumers’ journey. “Leveraging digital is really about what journey a customer is currently going through, what journey you want to create, and more importantly, what journey a customer is looking for,” he says. When evaluating the entire process, the firm will then divide it into key priorities, such as the fast-casual digital store. “It’s really a concept that creates a common experience on the back end of understood and defined journeys. It enables our customers to order pizza for themselves and their families in a very frictionless, seamless and easy way,” Barnes explains.

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