PIPO has added value to regular popcorn with a unique Mix’

Modi Naturals has strengthened its product line in the ready-to-cook food segment with an extensive variety of flavours for its range of high-quality popcorn labelled ‘PIPO’. After a rousing welcome by the urban millennial demographic, the brand is set to live up to its promises of bringing unique flavours in India starting with Peri-Peri.

Already trending flavours under the PIPO brand such as Desi Cocktail and Cheese burst have become an integral part of prime time snacking, and a fusion blend of exotic Peri-Peri chilli with premium American corn is the latest addition.

Akshay Modi, Executive Director, Modi Naturals Ltd, said, “Although certain brands have already made India familiar with the usage of this African chilli for cooking meats, however, mixing this extremely strong and aromatic

Peri-Peri Flavour

Peri-Peri Flavour

spice with popcorn is entirely new. It is something every Indian would instantly relate to as our taste buds yearn for spices and this exotic flavour will be perfect for in-between-meal snacks. This flavour will be popular among all age groups. One can shop this delectable popcorn pack online as well.”

PIPO has added value to regular popcorn with a unique Mix’In taste bomb seasoning sachet. The use of premium quality wholegrain corn which is enriched with zinc, copper, fibre, antioxidants and other nutrients makes it a healthy snacking option. PIPO aims to democratize the intake of popcorn in the country because it is easy to cook, has a distinct flavour to offer and is an appropriate quick bite.

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