PepsiCo India to Reduce Salt Content in Snacks; Shrink the Pack Size

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PepsiCo India to Reduce Salt Content in Snacks; Shrink the Pack Size

With a goal to make products healthier, PepsiCo India has cut the sodium content in its Lay’s snacks by 13-15 percent. Concerns have grown that consumption levels of salt are well above those needed for nutritional purposes and that this can lead to adverse effects on health. Consumers are increasingly looking to reduce their salt intake, making salt reduction a priority for food manufacturers.

Besides, the company is shrinking the pack sizes of its Lay’s and Kurkure products without reducing the quantity offered by them.

The serious concerns over plastic pollution have prompted states, including Maharashtra, to either ban such packaging or ask companies to pay some or the entire cost of managing these materials.
As per Mr. Jagrut Kotecha, the Vice President vice president for snacks, PepsiCo India?the company is exploring multiple packaging solutions for salty snacks, many of which have to be supported by a technology unlock. It is a work in progress.

Starting this month, the company has resized the packaging for Lay’s and Kurkure snacks and reduced the consumption of paper used in cartons, which will lower fuel consumption and shrink its carbon footprint. The pack size of Kurkure snacks has been reduced by 6 percent, while keeping the quantity of the product inside intact.

Food companies in India including Nestle, PepsiCo, ITC, and Britannia have voluntarily set targets to reduce salt, sugar and trans-fat content in their products as part of the national food regulator’s ‘Eat Right Movement.’
Source: The Economic Times

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