A one of its kind PIZZA FESTIVAL takes place: Boston Pizza Festival

We’ve heard of music festivals and beer festivals but Pizza Festival?!!!

Cone Pizza

Cone Pizza

City Hall Plaza in Boston ran its own pizza festival and this just shows that love for Pizza is just on another level for some? Well, who can refuse pizza right?

On July the 13 and 14, the plaza hosted the third annual Boston Pizza festival, a pie-filled fun fair featuring talented artisans from Boston, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Lowell, and the motherland itself: Naples, Italy.

The tickets were priced at $15 for General entry and a whopping $50 for VIP which included entry into the event and, in the case of VIP, one hour of early entry and all-you-can-eat pizza from 11 a.m. to noon but from there, attendees had to purchase slices and beverages separately. Slices at $2 apiece.

With more than 30 vendors participating, including local all-stars Union Park Pizza,Rina’s Pizzeria, Regina’s Pizzeria, and Sal’s Pizza, a strategy for making the most of the afternoon is necessary.

Everyone needs to attend this if you’re around Boston that is!

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