Nutricane launches mango and guava variants of OMG!

Nutricane Beverages, an innovator in the beverage space, has recently unveiled a new range of fruit juices with two new variants – mango and guava – under its brand name OMG!

Nutricane launches mango and guava variants of OMG!

Nutricane launches mango and guava variants of OMG!

The newly launched range is a delicious blend of fruits with sugarcane juice that not only enhances flavour, but also elevates the nutritional profile of the juice. Other than this it is a great source of vitamins and other essential micro-nutrients. OMG! Juices are packaged in recyclable 250ml glass bottles without any added sugar or chemical preservatives.

Dipin Kapur, co-founder, Nutricane Beverages said, “Our mission is to offer consumers the most delicious, nutritious and fresh-tasting juices. By enhancing the goodness of fruits with naturally-sweet sugarcane juice, we have not only created one-of-a-kind flavour combinations, but also replaced harmful refined sugar with a healthier alternative, offering a promise of nutrition and taste.”

These unique fruit juices are a first of their kind globally, where fruits are combined with sugarcane juice that acts as a natural sweetener, thereby replacing the need for refined sugar and water as is done in other packaged fruit drinks and beverages. This breakthrough was made possible by Nutricane Beverages through its internally-developed patent-pending process called FreshFusion, which gives sugarcane juice a long shelf-life.

The company has launched its sugarcane juice range in three flavours last year, and has now introduced its new fruit juice range.

Speaking about the benefits and goodness of sugarcane juices, Neeraj Jalan, co-founder, Nutricane Beverages said, “Our ancestors knew the immense health benefits of sugarcane juice, and in fact, it was used as a sweetening ingredient at the time. Refined sugar, produced from sugarcane, is devoid of any nutrients and was perhaps made only for its longer shelf life. OMG!’s fruit juices with their added goodness from sugarcane are superior in both taste and health benefits and are a result of tirelessly perfecting the blend of fruits and sugarcane juice.”

Sachin Goel, co-founder, Nutricane Beverages also said, “This replacement of empty calories from sugar with healthy sugarcane juice is indeed a ground-breaking innovation in the beverage segment. What seems to be the most natural combination is in fact the result of persistent research and development. The success of our original range of sugarcane juice, it motivated us to push the boundaries. Our new juices are a healthy alternative to other packaged soft drinks and fruit beverages available in the market.”

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