New Paper Cup By Lavazza

Lavazza Professional has developed a new paper cup which can be recycled with normal paper waste, reducing the environmental impact of peripherals.The new Klix Eco Cup will be available in Lavazza’s Klix vending machines from February 2020, starting with the company’s ‘most popular drinks’.

Designed for businesses who are looking for an alternative to plastic cups, the Klix Eco Cup is manufactured using paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, accredited by PEFC and can be recycled up to seven times.Many paper cups are difficult to recycle and are usually sent to landfill as they ordinarily include a Polyethylene (PE) lining which is difficult to process and recycle. However, Lavazza claims that the Klix Eco Cup uses a patented water-based dispersion barrier board developed by Kotkamills, and this enables the cups to be recycled with normal paper waste.

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