Nestle’s ditching plastic: KitKat goes green

Environmental sustainability is a hot topic nowadays and companies are adhering. This time it’s Nestle taking the lead. Nestle Japan wing is ditching plastic and released origami paper wrapping for its popular KitKat choco bars. At present, the transition from plastic to paper has been planned for the Japan market only, which is one of the biggest arms of the company.

To attract customers towards the new, matte packaging, Nestle has included instructions in the pack to turn the paper cover into an origami crane.

Nestle’s Japan move alone could reduce the plastic wastage by 380 tons each year, Fast Company magazine reported. The company will launch the product later this month and it will be available in some of the most selling KitKat Japan flavours such as the original, matcha, and ‘otona no amasa’, or “sweetness for adults,” the magazine reported.

It is not the first time that Nestle has pledged for environmental benefit. Earlier, the company had said that it aims to stop using plastic straws and certain plastic bottles for its products by 2025. Nestle also said that the company will phase out the usage of hard-to-recycle plastics. The company has also been testing reusable cans for its premium Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

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