Nestle diving into public blockchain technology

Global foods giant Nestle is now diving into public blockchain technology to enhance its dairy supply chain.

Nestle foods

Nestle foods

Nestle will now work with Australia-based startup OpenSC to bring its blockchain-supply chain work to the next level, Nestle blockchain lead and supply chain digital transformation manager Benjamin Dubois told me in an interview. World Wide Fund For Nature Australia (WWF-Australia) and Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures founded the 2019 startup OpenSC.

This agreement “is complementary to what we do with IBM with Food Trust,” Dubois said. “We were looking at a solution to increase a step further than IFT in terms of transparency for our supply chain.”

Nestle was a founding member of IBM’s Food Trust blockchain operation back in 2017, which seeks to improve food product traceability, according to an article from Nestle. In April 2019, Nestle and French retailer Carrefour teamed up to provide customers the ability to track Mousline Puree throughout the supply chain, the article detailed.

In February 2019, Nestle also announced its intent to publicize data surrounding its top 15 commodities in an overall effort “to reach full supply chain transparency,” a statement from Nestle said.

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