Nestlé boosts innovation in China with a new R&D centre

Nestlé announced the inauguration of a new Research & Development centre (R&D) in Beijing and a System Technology hub in Shenzhen. The new R&D centre will enable Nestlé to accelerate trend-based innovation in China to meet fast-changing consumer demand.

Nestlé boosts innovation in China with a new R&D centre

Nestlé boosts innovation in China with a new R&D centre

Nestlé R&D in Beijing focuses on creating new food and beverage products primarily for Chinese consumers but also for those elsewhere in Asia. In close proximity to the Nestlé China Headquarters, it has state-of-the-art facilities that include rapid prototyping and packaging labs, as well as a consumer insight area.

The centre has over 40 R&D specialists working across multiple product categories, with expertise in sensory sciences, food technology and nutrition. They also collaborate with local universities and innovation partners.

Speaking on this event Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider said, “China is one of the fastest-changing food and beverage markets in the world, and a significant growth driver for Nestlé. We are strengthening our local R&D capabilities so that our teams can work faster and more efficiently to turn great ideas into the latest must-have products for consumers in China.”

The Shenzhen System Technology Hub is an extension of the Nestlé System Technology Centre in Orbe, Switzerland. The location near leading beverage machine and system manufacturers enables Nestlé to rapidly turn new ideas for beverage systems and components into reality. Technologists and engineers based in Shenzhen will also scout new system technologies relevant for Nestlé’s global beverage businesses.

Nestlé CTO Stefan Palzer said, “We are constantly looking for opportunities to increase the speed of our trend-based innovation. The proximity of the R&D team to the Nestlé China Headquarters and of the System Technology Hub to our suppliers and manufacturers will enable a strong collaboration that will help Nestlé push the boundaries by bringing breakthrough innovations to the market faster.”

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