Mother Dairy increases milk prices by Rs 2 per litre

Mother Dairy, on Friday, hiked milk prices effective from Saturday. The reason for the increase in prices was told as an increase in milk procurement rates due to higher feed, fodder and labour costs.

Mother Dairy increases milk prices by Rs 2 per litre

Mother Dairy increases milk prices by Rs 2 per litre

With this thing in effect, each Mother Dairy milk packet will cost Rs 1 more in Delhi-NCR, effectively making 500 ml packs costlier by Rs 2 per litre. Whereas, the bulk-vended milk or token milk has been exempted from the hike, and so has the one-litre pack of cow milk.

The milk prices were also increased by Amul by Rs 2 per litre from May 21.

Mother Dairy said in a statement, “The milk procurement prices have been continuously on the rise for the last three-four months due to increase in feed and fodder cost by 15-20 percent and increase in labour cost. However, while paying higher prices to producers by 7-8 percent, compared to the last year, the consumer prices were kept intact.”

The statement added that 80 percent of sales realisation was passed on to farmers.

As per the new price list, Mother Dairy’s full cream milk will now cost Rs 53 for the one-litre pack and Rs 27 for the 500 ml pack. The one-litre pack of toned milk will be sold for Rs 42, while the 500 ml pack will cost Rs 22. Full cream premium milk will cost Rs 55 and Rs 28 for the one litre and 500 ml packs respectively, while the skimmed milk Dietz brand will cost Rs 21 for the half litre pack. Double toned milk sold under the Live Lite brand is the only variety where the one-litre pack will also be ?2 costlier, now costing Rs 36. The 500 ml pack has Rs 19 price tag.

The price of cow milk remains unchanged at Rs 42 for the one-litre pack but has been increased to Rs 22 for the 500 ml pack. Bulk vended milk will continue to be sold at Rs 40 per litre.

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