MoooFarm to work with Microsoft to help Indian dairy farmers

MoooFarm, Gurugram-based start-up will be working with Microsoft to help Indian dairy farmers solve a problem that leads to a $500 million-loss per year. The company has also received a $15,000 grant from Microsoft last week.This statement was given by the company’s Co-founder Aashna Singh.

MoooFarm to work with Microsoft to help Indian dairy farmers

MoooFarm to work with Microsoft to help Indian dairy farmers

She said, “We will be developing a machine learning (ML) platform with Microsoft to tackle mastitis, a disease of the udder that leads to an annual loss of half a billion dollars in India.” The biggest disadvantage of the disease is that farmers often do not realise that the cattle has been affected by it.

She also added, “They just know that the udder is swollen, and the quality and the quantity of milk has gone down.”

This firm is working to help dairy farmers tackle mastitis, a disease in cows that leads to poor quality and quantity of milk. Over the next year, MoooFarm India, in association with Microsoft, will develop a platform within their existing app to help detect mastitis in cattle through ‘image labeling’. The farmer just has to click photos of the udder and milk; the app will then detect if the cattle is afflicted by the disease.

It is reported that even if a single cow gets the disease, it results in a loss of around Rs 5,000 per month for the farmer, due to factors such as lower production, poor quality, veterinary expenses etc., according to MoooFarm.

Launched in February by Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, the MoooFarm app helps in tracking the health, productivity, and breeding cycle of cattle.

The app will soon also have a live feature, where the farmer can get real-time help from a vet or an expert. The company also has on-the-ground staff in villages, called Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs), to help and educate farmers on best practices. One VLE is assigned for every two-three villages and oversees 100-150 farmers.

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