MilkLane launches ‘Toxin and Antibiotic Safe’ milk

MilkLane, a Bengaluru based dairy start-up, launches its first milk product for the retail consumers in the city. The company stated that the product will live up to the international quality standards, is promoting and differentiating the new product as ‘Toxin and Antibiotic Safe’ milk.

MilkLane launches 'Toxin and Antibiotic Safe' milk

MilkLane launches ‘Toxin and Antibiotic Safe’ milk

The company forays into the mass market consumer segment, after being active in the B2B segment delivering milk to industrial scale off-takers such as: FMCG companies; industrial processors; and milk product manufacturers.

The high-quality milk is available in packaging of 500 ml and at an attractive price point of Rs 35. With no added preservatives, the milk is processed with Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) technology to provide safe and enhanced 90-days non-refrigerated shelf life.

Akshaya Kamath, Director at MilkLane commented on this new launch and said, “Rise in urbanization has led to change in lifestyles and consumers are increasingly opting for healthier options. There is a huge market appetite for high-quality milk in India. With our entry into the retail segment, we have laid the foundation for our business’s next growth pillar. The company has set an ambitious target of grabbing at least 10 per cent of market share in Bengaluru within a year.”

Gaurav Haran, COO at MilkLane said, “MilkLane aims to create awareness and set the benchmark for offering high-quality milk to the Indian consumer. In fact, every batch of milk undergoes multiple stringent quality checks. Contamination of milk with aflatoxin and misuse of antibiotics in dairy farms could have serious public health implications. So, we take extra care by working closely with dairy farmers, providing proprietary high-quality cattle feed to mitigate the risks of milk contamination arising out of poor-quality feeding.”

MilkLane is associated with over 7,000 farmers spread across multiple states assisting them on the complete life cycle of the milk procurement process, providing veterinary supervision to enabling animal loans.

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