Reducing hurdles in MENA’s growing infant nutrition market

As the market for infant nutrition products continues to grow in Middle-East and Africa (MENA) and considering the duality of the nutrition situation of young children across this region where, according to UNICEF, countries are “facing a double burden of malnutrition and over-nutrition and the associated chronic, non-communicable diseases. Expert and knowledgeable suppliers can indeed guide companies who wish to launch their own infant nutrition offerings through the complexities of this highly regulated industry and help them launch regulatory-compliant products that are nutritionally adapted to both end of the spectrum.

MENA’s growing infant nutrition market

Reducing time-to-market and overcoming regulatory hurdles in MENA’s growing infant nutrition market

With the creation of ESI Nutrition – Laïta’s new nutrition division – in 2018, the company’s intention is indeed to alleviate the complexity of developing specialty nutrition products and to help brands promote safe, easy-to-use, tasty and healthy nutrition products worldwide. Through one-on-one support and a large spectrum of solutions designed to meet the functional, nutritional and regulatory constraints of their customers, ESI Nutrition is committed to supporting them launch top-tier products with a reduced time-to-market. “Especially when it comes to products for infants and toddlers, partnering with the right suppliers who, like ESI Nutrition, have both a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape as well as technological and processing expertise is paramount for companies who wish to meet the strict demands of this industry”, explains Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at ESI Nutrition.

According to a recent report, the popularity of innovative baby foods such as baby food pouches and liquid/spoonable offerings, which is one of ESI Nutrition areas of expertise thanks to a production site dedicated to UHT processing and aseptic filling, has been growing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Beyond infant nutrition, ESI Nutrition offers a full portfolio of products to companies doing business in all areas of the nutrition sector, from diet and sports nutrition to specialized medical nutrition products. Thanks to the new facility in Brittany (France), the company also has the capability to create bespoke powdered finished products such as customized fortified powdered milks to meet the needs to specialized adult nutrition. Here is a snapshot of the division’s wide variety of solutions, both liquid and powdered.

-Stage 1 to Stage 3 baby formulas (standard and premium)

-Pre-packaged liquid milk for infant and expecting mothers, formulated to meet the specific needs of each targeted demographic

-Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) such as pediatric drinks, gelled water for dysphagia patients, etc.

-Baby food products such as UHT yogurt-like desserts and puddings

-Enriched milk powders, high protein/calorie drinks and puddings customized to the specific needs of adult nutrition (diabetic, undernourished, recovering)

-Diet nutrition products such as high protein dairy beverages, puddings and soups

-And more!

Visit us at Gulfood, stand D1-24 (Hall 1), February 17-21 in Dubai and learn more about ESI Nutrition’s range of ready-to-market solutions covering all areas of the health & nutrition sector, all Halal-certified. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your 2019 goals!

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