Matok V’Kal Launches on-the-go Sports Nutrition Fit4style Spray

Matok V’Kal Ltd has launched on-the-go sports nutrition Fit4style spray, its new, user-friendly, six-calorie solution, which will help boost stamina during high-endurance workouts and sports activities.

Matok V’Kal

Matok V’Kal Launches on-the-go Sports Nutrition Fit4style Spray

This mint-flavoured spray is composed of a refreshing formula that gives an extra energy kick to consumers with active lifestyle and to fitness enthusiasts engaged in high-endurance sports. Fit4style energy spray can help maintain stamina for up to 75 minutes, without caffeine and with only six calories.

Each unit of Fit4styleEnergy Spray delivers 1.3 gr. of carbohydrates and mint extract that coats the mouth. Studies indicate that the presence in the mouth of certain carbohydrate compounds can help mimic ingestion of caloric energy, fooling the body into generating a short burst of extra energy.

Noam Kaplan, CEO of Matok V’Kal said, “Fit4style Energy Spray offers a new solution for short-duration, high-endurance workouts and sport activities. The innovation is backed by a growing body of research and recommendations by global sports groups that found that, in a workout of up to 75 minutes, there is no need to consume carbohydrates; it is sufficient to have their presence in the mouth. By tricking the mind into believing it is being nourished — relying on the sensation of food energy without actually providing it — the information is converted into actual energy.”

The new product contains peppermint extract, which not only contributes a refreshing flavour but contributes to the energy increase. This is based on a double-blind clinical study showing that oral ingestion of peppermint oil incurs instant effects on physiological parameters and exercise performance after 5 minutes, with incremental improvement after one hour.

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