Mars Wrigley Confectionery Expands its Portfolio in India with New DOUBLEMINT Chewy Mints

Mars Wrigley Confectionery today announced the launch of DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints, which also marks the introduction of a brand new eponymous product category in India.

The new product brand, under the DOUBLEMINT® master brand aims to widen its presence in the freshness category, a segment it leads globally. The unique offering has two layers – the first is a thin, crispy outer shell while the second is a chewy, freshening core – which combine the freshness of mint, with the chewy fun experience of confections. The distinctive product will be available in Peppermint and Lemon Mint flavors.

DOUBLEMINT® is one of the largest gum brands in the world, and with the launch of Chewy Mints, India joins the rank of those countries which have three formats of the brand available, that is gums, mints and the distinctive Chewy Mints. The entry of Chewy Mints



in India comes on the back of positive consumer feedback in markets such as China and Australia.

Introduced after extensive consumer research, the unique, oval lentil shaped product is distinguished by its multiple layers and a soft chewy center, which enhances the consumer experience. With its proposition of ‘Every Chew Brings Out A Fresh, New You’ the product ensures a flavor burst and long lasting freshness with every chew.

Talking about the new product, Mr. Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, said, “The launch of DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints is a significant milestone in our journey in India. Ever since its launch in the Indian market, DOUBLEMINT® has successfully built on its proposition of long lasting freshness and with the launch of DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints, consumers will get the same promise of freshness through a differentiated product. We are confident that Chewy Mints is relevant to Indian consumers and are hopeful the product will be well received by them.”

DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints will be available across 2 pack types – an eighty- lentil 80.85 grams pot pack & a thirty-four lentil 33.6 grams tube pack.  The ‘Every Chew Brings Out A Fresh, New You’ philosophy of DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints will be brought alive by a digital campaign, conceptualized by creative agency BBDO. The digital campaign is rooted in DOUBLEMINT®‘s core promise of freshness. By contrasting different avatars of the characters with every chew of Chewy Mints they take, the two digital films highlight how the journey from boring to fresh is enabled by Chewy Mints. The first digital film sees a man spying on his neighbours – a working couple who change avatars every time they chew on a DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints. The second film sees a young albeit exhausted couple in a mall parking lot, whose DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints inspired avatars leave all those around them speechless. Each of the digital films focus on chewy and minty codes of the product. You can click here to watch the two films on the DOUBLEMINT® Facebook page.

The launch of DOUBLEMINT® Chewy Mints will be supported by an extensive 360-degree marketing approach including in-store and OOH.

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