After making Rs.26 crore turnover in just 5 years Burger Singh sets out to grow more

For the owner of Burger Singh it was difficult to make ends meet while studying abroad which made him work at a burger joint in 2007 while pursuing his MBA in business.

Burger Singh fusion burgers

Burger Singh fusion burgers

At the end of his shift he would always get free burgers but he slowly got bored of the bland burgers and then started curating new flavours into the burgers.

The owner of the burger joint heard of the popularity of the burgers and listed one of them on the menu, giving Kabir an artiste fee for the recipe. The love for Indian food among the English is legendary and they could not have enough of Kabir’s burger. His colleagues even named him burger singh and thats how his name came about.

In November 2014 after working for beer cafe for a couple of years, he opened the first Burger Singh outlet in Golf Course Road along with Nitin Rana.

Along came a slew of fun Indian flavours: Kabir’s Bihari Gosht Burger, Chana Burger, Rajma Burger, United States of Punjab Burger. Every recipe is designed, tested and approved by Kabir.

Kabir then shifted focus to expand his business by strengthening the delivery platform, but in the initial days, he delivered burgers to the customers in Gurugram himself.

He says, “Our first outlet started doing cash break-even sales in 60 days,” says Kabir. The acceptance of their product was much higher among the customers than expected, and they had to shut their store before the stipulated time during weekends due to high demand.

Despite Burger Singh’s popularity, Kabir takes competition seriously. “Anybody who is willing to serve customers instead of me is my competitor,” he adds.

Talking about the future plan, Kabir says that in the coming years, he is planning to open 75 outlets in North India. He is also in the process of signing the deed of opening 18 outlets in the UK in a span of three years.

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