Lactalis to reorganize Prabhat Dairy’s product portfolio

Few months ago French dairy major Lactalis has formally acquired Maharashtra-based Prabhat Dairy. There are plans to rejig the Prabhat Dairy’s product portfolio.

Lactalis to reorganize Prabhat Dairy’s product portfolio

Lactalis to reorganize Prabhat Dairy’s product portfolio

Rahul Kumar, managing director, Lactalis India said, “The ideal milk-to-product ratio for any dairy company is 65:35 where 65 percent of your portfolio is liquid milk and 35 percent is value-added categories like ghee, cheese, butter and flavoured milk.”

Currently, nearly 80 percent of Prabhat Dairy’s output is in the dairy product space. Lactalis India’s two other Indian acquisitions, Tirumala Dairy and Anik Industries have a milk-to-product ratio of 85:15 and 50:50, respectively. Lactalis made the Tirumala and Anik acquisitions in 2014 and 2016 respectively; it acquired Prabhat Dairy in January for Rs 1,700 crore.

Kumar also added, “We have to get all three companies to be 65:35. So, Anik will sell more liquid milk and Prabhat has to sell more liquid milk to have good brand equity in major cities like Bombay, Indore and Bhopal. Prabhat fit in because it was doing good B2B business and was a supplier to big institutions.”

He further added, “It was a good move to acquire Prabhat, so as to have control in these categories and channels. They (Prabhat) also had a good procurement network and it is always preferable to acquire a company with good backward integration.”

The acquisition also meant that Lactalis has boosted its milk-product portfolio, which at present accounts 80 percent of Prabhat’s total dairy output. These strategies come amid Lactalis India targeting multiple geographies within a national dairy market, which it claims is growing between 6 and 7 percent per annum.

While speaking about the future acquisitions, Kumar added, “Our next acquisition will happen in North India. We are looking at several companies in the North given the population density and the sheer number of milk-producing states there.”

The company’s plan is to occupy a market share of 10 percent in each dairy category, pan-India.

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