Keventer eyes 25% of processed milk market

Food and beverage company Keventer Agro Ltd., has invested Rs 1.5 billion to put up the region’s largest Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk plant. Keventer Agro’s managing director, Mayank Jalan said that the company is aiming at a 25 percent market share in eastern India in the Rs 10-billion Ultra High Temperature (UHT) packaged milk space by 2020.

Keventer launches UHT milk

Keventer launches UHT milk

As of now, the dairy segment has liquid pouch milk and ice-cream. The revenues generated for the company is around Rs 4 billion but now the company has targeted to double this turnover to Rs 8 billion in the coming two years. Keventer’s fresh milk and ice-cream are sold under the Metro brand.

UHT milk refers to ultra high temperature treated milk, where the milk is heated above 135 degree C for 3-4 seconds to kill bacteria while maintaining nutritional levels. It is usually packaged as Tetra Paks.

At the launch event Mr Jalan said,” the firm would use its location advantage to clock a ?250-crore turnover from the segment, which involved the use of a food processing technology (aseptic processing and packaging technology) to sterilise milk, giving it ultra high temperature (UHT) treatment.” He also added, “It has a huge potential. Hence, after pouch milk and ice-cream, venturing into UHT milk business was a natural progression for us at Keventer.”

The milk will be sold through modern trade and kirana stores and it will be ranging from ?10 (for a 160-ml double toned pack) to ?60 (for a 1-litre creamy milk pack).



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