Kellogg’s reissues Honey Smacks following salmonella scare

Kellogg’s will reintroduce a reformulated version of its Honey Smacks cereal brand in the US following a salmonella scare this summer, which saw the company recall an estimated 1.3 million boxes of the cereal in the US.

Kellogg’s has reformulated the recipe for the honey-flavoured puffed wheat cereal, and moved production of the cereal to a “trusted and tested” Kellogg’s production site which has been producing the cereal for decades.

The release of the cereal comes a month after the conclusion of an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which



found that 135 people were infected with the salmonella strain found in some boxes of the cereal, with 34 people hospitalised, though there were no deaths linked to the outbreak.

Chris Stolsky, associate director of marketing for Honey Smacks said: “Since its introduction in 1953, Honey Smacks has been a favourite staple in families’ pantries.

“It has a deliciously sweet flavour you can look forward to every morning and we’re excited to relaunch the beloved cereal to our loyal fans this fall.”

Boxes of Honey Smacks cereal will be available nationwide from selected retailers in the US in limited quantities, with a suggested retail price of $2.99 – $3.99 for a box.

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