Kellogg’s new vegan cereal with added vegetables

The brand W. K. Kellogg, Kellogg’s has unveiled a new variant appealing to consumers who follow veganism. The new vegan cereal incorporates dried Raspberry, Apple and Carrot Granola, which contains no added sugars, combines crunchy oat clusters with dried fruit and veg. It’s also free from animal ingredients, as indicated by a green “Vegan” it is plant-based.

Kellogg’s introduces vegan cereal with added vegetables

Kellogg’s introduces vegan cereal with added vegetables

Cereal inventor for Kellogg’s UK, Sarah Bulfield, said in a statement, “Creating a granola with a vegetable was a balancing act. All sensory aspects had to be taken into consideration; texture, colour, and most importantly flavour. The sweetness from the apple and the sharpness of the raspberry is all balanced with the earthiness and subtle sweet notes of the carrot pieces.”

The Kellogg’s team has spent the last 12 months working on the new vegetable cereal option, granola in the Manchester food lab in order to expand its sugar-free options.

This product launch clearly acknowledges concerns that consumers may have about the sugar content of cereal, and it also supports the rising need for ‘cleaner’ labels of products. As well as this also increases its options for consumers looking for more plant-based products on the shelves.

The new cereal will be released in the UK later this year.

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