Kellogg releases new prebiotic and probiotic cereal range

Kellogg has released a new ‘three-in-one’ cereal range which contains prebiotic and probiotic bacteria to help support the digestive health of consumers.

The new HI! Happy Inside cereal range is available in three flavours: strawberry, blueberry, and coconut, and each cereal features a blend of fruit, yogurt pieces and 100% whole grain, as well as high levels of prebiotics and probiotics.

Kellogg claims that the combination of the 2.5 grams of prebiotics, 1 billion CFU live probiotics and 8-9g of fibre provides a three-in-one



solution which helps the ‘good bacteria’ in the gut and helps contribute to overall wellness and digestive health.

Aleta Chase, marketing director for HI! Happy Inside said: “HI! Happy Inside is a delicious cereal with three powerful ingredients to support digestive wellness.

“This new cereal provides a proactive real food solution to people who want to incorporate more prebiotics and probiotics into their diet.”

Registered dietician Regan Jones added: “Maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential to overall well-being and everyday life.

“Many registered dietitians know that probiotics alone aren’t enough, and having the three-in-one combination of prebiotics, probiotics and fibre through foods such as HI! Happy Inside is one thing you can do daily to help support your overall health.”

All flavours in the HI! Happy Inside range are now available in 34.5 oz resealable bags at Costco and Boxed with a suggested retail price of $12.99, and in six-packs of individual cups on Amazon for $13.99.

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