Kanodia Technoplast Bags Eleven Awards for Innovations in Packaging at SIES SOP STAR AWARDS 2019

Kanodia Technoplast is honored with the exemplary achievement of eleven awards at SIES SOP Star awards 2019 for Innovations, Creativity and New Concepts in Packaging.

KTL has bagged in all the awards in Flexible packaging category for its graphics, aesthetics and for its innovative and consumer friendly packaging solutions. The award winning products include: Kari Kari– Transparent High-barrier standup pouch, Non-Stop Crunchy Bytes – Kraft Paper finish pouch, PVR 4700 BC Popcorn with Paytm cash back, Daawat Royal Sharbati Atta with antiskid nanodots, Daawat Devaaya Rice Quad-seal pinch-bottom pouch with reinforcement for D-cut, Dabur Fem Hand Wash with innovative spout and others.

Dhruv Kanodia, Director, Kanodia Technoplast, said, “I am extremely grateful to the jury members of SIES SOP star awards 2019. It is an ecstatic feeling. Such achievements are a recognition to the amount of hard work and dedication that we put in development all year round. Alot goes into the whole process of envisioning a new idea, conceptualising it into a product, convincing a customer about its uniqueness and value and finally materialising it into commercial production. It is a complete team-work and the credit goes to each and every member of the Kanodia family for their consistent hard work.

Kari-Kari is a premium standup pouch incorporated with a clear see through window. A Transparent high-barrier film and CPP film with excellent clarity is developed for it. Its excellent design and combination of matt and gloss, makes the appearance of this pouch astonishing on shelf.

“Packaging plays a significant role while attracting customers towards your product, it drives purchase decisions. And, such recognition inspires all converter and product manufacturer for continuous hard work towards development and advancement”, adds Dhruv.

Dhruv Kanodia

Nonstop Crunchy Bytes is a unique laminate with paper feel which gives a reminiscence of starting era of Packaging, when paper was used for packaging. This paper appearance provides an excellent aesthetics to the pack and imparts a sense of belongingness to consumers.

For PVR 4700 BC Popcorn and Daawat Devaaya Atta, Kanodia has used its patented technology to create a laminate with unique Paytm codes printed on inner layer which can only be seen after opening of the pouch. This unique coding is for Paytm cash back and can be used further for coupon codes, discount codes, product tracking, shopping offers and so many other marketing and consumer-engagement activities.

“We have a specially dedicated team for innovations and product development that are continuously working and developing innovative concepts. This team has direct reach to me for relentless developments and this recognition is definitely an encouragement to them as well”, Dhruv added.

In Daawat Royal Sharbati atta laminate, anti-skid property is developed with nano dots without any additional high COF film. Anti skid nano-dots prevents the bag from slippage and fall during stacking. These raised dots also add a unique appearance to the pouch.

Award Winning Samples at SIES SOP Star Awards 2019

Daawat Deevaya Rice pouch is a quad-seal pinch-bottom pouch, with reinforcement for bulk packaging where D cut handle is provided to lift the pouch. It has an excellent shelf appearance because of its body and flat bottom stand-up feature. No secondary packaging is required for these as its brick shape makes the pouch easy to stand with uniform weight distribution.

Dabur Fem Hand Wash is a refill pouch of liquid hand wash with a very innovative spout on it. In this special pouch, cap is fixed with spout and hence prevents cap loss. It also has a tamper-evident lock system in it which provides anti theft feature. It’s a perfect blend of convenience and tamper-proof functionality.

Future Consumers Kosh Muesli pouch is a stand-up pouch with Kanlock zipper to maintain its freshness even after its opening. The Kanlock – registered trademark of Kanodia Technoplast, is a sensory zipper system which provides an assurance of opening and closing of pack by producing a sound during opening and closing. Kanlock zipper prolongs freshness more than regular zippers, because of its multiple tracks. Multiple tracks in zipper ensure good locking mechanism to improve freshness. It helps the consumer to store the Muesli easily, when not in use. It maintains the crispiness of the cereals throughout its shelf life, which can eliminate air tight jars used for storage of cereals, after opening of pack. Arc seal standup pouch improves its shelf appearance when compared to normal pillow pouches.

The eleven award winning products are-

  1. Kari Kari– Transparent High barrier standup pouch with window- for Japanese premium snacks
  2. Non-stop Crunchy Bytes- Paper finish pouch ( Paper feel and look)
  3. Future Consumer’s Kosh Muesli- Standup pouch with Kanlock
  4. PVR 4700 BC Popcorn- with unique random codesfor Paytm cash
  5. Daawat Royal Sharbati Atta 10 lbs– With anti-skid nanodots
  6. Daawat Devaaya Basmati Rice 10 Kg- Quad-Seal Pinch bottom pouches with reinforcement for D-cut handle
  7. Daawat 5 Kg Everyday Basmati Rice- Quad-Sepinch bottom pouch
  8. Lal Quilla Rice 6.25 kg Quad-Seal bag with easy portability
  9. Nepal Gramodyog rice bag
  10. Daawat Devaaya Atta with unique random codesfor Paytm cash
  11. Dabur Fem Hand Wash- standup pouch with Innovative Spout
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