ITC brings Fabelles Signature Chocolate Creations for Mother’s Day

As the Mother’s day approaching so close, many compnies are busy in launching new products. Targeting on the same, ITC has launched Fabelles Signature Chocolate Creations in three creations, viz. Apple Crumble Pie Volcano, Salted Caramel and Lavender Volcano and Madagascaran Vanilla Bean and Ruby Volcano. These creations have been specifically created by the master chocolatiers for Mother’s Day, which falls on May 12 this year.

ITC brings Fabelles Signature Chocolate Creations for Mother’s Day

ITC brings Fabelles Signature Chocolate Creations for Mother’s Day

These customized chocolates, reimagine every mother’s love into limited-edition creations. Each of the three creations represents one stage of the maternal bond that the mother shares with her child.

The Apple Crumble Pie Volcano is moulded in dark chocolate shell with Fabelle milk chocolate stripes and is infused with chunky apple and cinnamon jelly, topped with buttery cinnamon crumble. This creation is a manifestation of the warm affection that one receives from their mother in the early years of life.

The contrasting Salted Caramel and Lavender Volcano represents the teenage stage where the mother becomes disciplinary, protective towards the child and sweet but with a pinch of salt. The dark chocolate shell of this creation is filled with salted caramel and milk chocolate lavender ganache coated with white and milk chocolate.

The Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Ruby Chocolate is a representation of the refined relationship between the mother and child during adulthood. This stage is represented with the refined taste of the creation that is made of Ruby chocolate with dark chocolate stripes, packed with Fabelle white chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla and Ruby Chocolate Ganache.

These special collections of delectable Fabelle Mother’s Day offerings are aesthetically designed. The Fabelle Volcanoes will be available in boxes of three and six at a price of Rs 425 and Rs 645, respectively.

These are available at the following ITC Chocolate Boutiques – ITC Maratha, Mumbai; ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru; ITC Windsor, Bengaluru; ITC Maurya, New Delhi; ITC Grand Chola, Chennai; ITC Sonar, Kolkata, and ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad; and at the Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi.

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