ITA to launch social media campaign to promote tea among young population

The Indian Tea Association (ITA) is seeking at launching a social media campaign to target the ‘young population’ in the age bracket of 15-35 years. The campaign will aim to boost tea consumption among ‘coffee drinkers’ which, in turn, will strengthen demand for the beverage and enhance prices.

ITA to launch social media campaign to promote tea among young population

ITA to launch social media campaign to promote tea among young population

Vivek Goenka, Chairman, ITA, announced that the campaign will be rolled out on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

While addressing to media he mentioned on the sidelines of the launch of TRINITEA, a self-assessment app for small tea growers to enable compliance locally and internationally, “We are already in talks with some marketing companies for designing the campaign. We are hopeful of rolling it out this year and it will run for at least 6-12 months.”

The estimated budget for the campaign could be upward of Rs 50 lakh. ITA is also in talks with the Tea Board of India to extend funding support to the campaign, besides holding talks with Central and State governments.

Goenka shared his observation by stating that while tea consumption and penetration is quite high among people above the age of 45-50 years, it has not really “made a mark” among the younger populace.

PK Bezboruah, Chairman, Tea Board, said, “The industry is unable to control production or supply, the only rescue will be to increase demand or consumption and one way of doing that would be to go for generic promotion of tea.”

The TRINITEA programme, a collaborative effort of ITA and Solidaridad Asia, aims to provide year-round training to improve the agronomical, social and environmental practices of small tea growers who are accounting for nearly 47 percent of the country’s tea production, which stood at around 1,326 million kg in 2018-19.

Under the TRINITEA programme, ITA has signed MoUs with major small tea grower bodies in Assam and West Bengal. Solidaridad has developed an android-based digital training tool for farmers in local languages to continue training virtually.

Shatadru Chattopadhayay, Managing Director, Solidaridad Asi said, “TRINITEA aims to provide smallholders a platform to be compliant with international and national standards and be competitive in the market by improving quality and realising better prices for their produce.”

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