Introducing Nestle EVERYDAY Chai Life

As a nation, we have a shared love for chai (tea)! Chai (tea) is much more than a beverage, it is a hot cup that can keep us energized and comforts us at different intervals during the day. Taking this love to a whole new level, Nestle India is delighted to introduce EVERYDAY Chai Life- a retreat for all tea lovers. Nestle EVERYDAY Chai Life offers unique experiences in three flavors- Desi Masala, Saffron & Cardamom, Ginger and Lemon grass. The instant chai will be available in convenient ‘sachet’ and easy to carry ‘sachet in a cup’ formats.

Nestle introducing  EVERYDAY Chai Life

Nestle introducing EVERYDAY Chai Life

With consumers looking for hot options to beat the winter chill, Nestle EVERYDAY Chai Life makes that perfect cup of tea that’ll transfer them into a premium, immersive experience. To relish this perfect instant chai, just add hot water to the premix and reconnect with what truly matters in  life.

Speaking at the launch of Nestle EVERYDAY Chai Life Arvind Bhandari, General M anager, Dairy,Nestle India , said “We truly believe that a perfect cup of tea can magically reconnect you withwhat matters in life, transforming everyday tea moments into meaningful reconnections andconversations. With this latest innovation Nestle India continues its journey as a pioneer byredefining the mode of consumption to deliver ‘consumption on the go’ for today’s consumers.”NESTLE EVERYDAY Chai Life ‘sachet’ and ‘sachet in a cup’ will be priced at INR 20 and IN R 30respectively and will be available both in-store as well as on e-commerce platforms.

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