India’s tea production on the rise, 12 percent up in Q1

India is witnessing higher tea production in calendar year 2019, going by the trend in the first quarter. For the first time in 2018, India produced a lower volume than in the previous year. And,  the falling trend continued until February 2019.

India’s tea production on the rise, 12 percent up in Q1

India’s tea production on the rise, 12 percent up in Q1

Now, this falling trend has been reversed. Both North and South India are reporting higher production in March.

Rajesh Gupta, compiler of the annual Global Tea Digest told media, “The Tea Board has now released the official data for March, showing India’s tea production rising to 74.59 million kg (mkg) from 61.04 mkg in March 2018, an increase of 13.55 mkg or 22.20 percent.” Consequently, the production in Q1 has also increased year-on-year.

He also added, “From January to March, the cumulative production of tea in the country rose to 103.61 mkg from 92.20 mkg, marking a gain of 11.41 mkg or 12.38 per cent.”

North Indian teas, dormant from December 2018 due to the Tea Board’s order to close operations in winter to get rid of sub-standard teas, have now begun to hit the market. Production from the North in Q1 rose to 64.13 mkg from 53.86 mkg in the same quarter last year, posting a gain of 10.27 mkg or 19.07 percent.

Assam has topped the production table with 33.35 mkg (up by 9.44 mkg) followed by West Bengal with 29.14 mkg (up 0.22 mkg).

South Indian production in Q1 rose to 39.48 mkg from 38.34 in Q1 of 2018, a marginal gain of 1.14 mkg or 3 per cent, because of favourable weather in Tamil Nadu. The State’s production rose to 27.08 mkg from 25.79 mkg, while Kerala’s production dropped to 11.55 mkg (from 11.61 mkg).

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