India’s first Wine for a Cause With Good Reason

Kadu, India’s first wine for a cause, supports tiger conservation, with a donation for every bottle sold. The wine is exclusively produced at Sula Vineyard’s second winery in Karnataka – home to the tigers on the planet in its many reserves. Cheering on the cause with each bottle, the brand is doing every bit to save the mighty animal.

Located on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, Sula Vineyard’s second winery; Heritage Winery is truly a paradise with lush green paddy fields and serene lakes. India’s largest and most awarded wine brand, has sustainability etched in its core values and is depicted well in the design of this vineyard. Solar panels on the roof use the same rays that help the grapes to grow to fuel the facility, and the whole area is plastic free. Did you know that 99% of Sula Vineyards packaging is recyclable? Dedicated efforts have been made towards maximizing productivity while minimizing adverse effects on the environment.

Kadu, crafted by winemaker Gorakh Gaikwad, is proudly known as India’s first wine for a cause with good reason. Collaborating with Sanctuary Nature Foundation, Sula Vineyards contributes a small fraction of amount towards the conservation of tigers with every purchase of Kadu. One of the habitats of the endangered Bengal Tiger, Karnataka was carefully chosen keeping in mind its weather and climate to produce the finest wines from the best quality grapes. Kadu, meaning “wild” in Kannada – the regional language of Karnataka is beautifully epitomized in the label with the handiwork of renowned label designer Simon Frouws depicting a tiger in all its glory in the wild jungle.

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